On gourds

For my latest experiment in domestic bliss, I cut the top off a gourd, scooped out its insides, carved out pieces of its flesh to resemble a symbol for feminism most commonly used in the 1970s:


…and then I rinsed off the seeds and put a bunch of spices on them and stuck them in the oven and now I’m eating them. I used this recipe, although my seeds look nothing like the ones in that blog. I guess if I’m going to blog regularly I have to get a camera or something, because so far I’ve been taking all my pictures with my Macbook (circa 2008) and they make my life look really grainy and sketchy and generally kind of creepy-Swedish-serial-killer-movie-ish. Want proof? Here are my pumpkin seeds:

punkin seeds

YUM, right? The ones on the left got burnt because I was listening to an oldĀ episode of Radiolab where a bunch of baboons learn to stop being warlike because of a trash pit that gives them all TB and I forgot to take the seeds out of the oven. But the ones on the right are good! Spicy!

See what I mean about the pics though? I really think that DIYcutesycraftfoodlifebloggers fool everyone into thinking their lives are so cute and awesome because they have nice cameras. I have an outdated Macbook and a bunch of hand-me-down furniture in various shades of medium brown so my life looks like Lars Von Trier’s The Kingdom. Well. I had a lot of fun baking these pumpkin seeds, and it was just like a Miranda July movie and not at all like Lars Von Trier!

Speaking of Miranda July, here’s a new blog I started with Ren that has absolutely nothing to do with Miranda July whatsoever: goforthadventurers.tumblr.com. It’s gonna be fun.